It will

It will That is when I consider that I can suffer, for example, thirst, the child too can suffer to the house.

If I find forces to move, the child too has to cease to be capricious and is quiet, obediently to walk near me.

It is possible to create the list similar situations can be, someone from parents will make to himself a small crib and from time to time in it will look.

It will be very useful.

Sometimes the child deeply is disappointed or upset with something, wants to talk and find understanding, but at us pt time.

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And then

And then In the Vedic writing it is said that at certain stages of this century living beings from the lowest planets which want to interfere with restoration of the spiritual principles, in general come in any forms of life.

They are ready even to offer opportunity to come in a reasonable form of life, and voplokshchatsya in animal shape.

And then arrange such mess to the owner that it seems to nobody a little.

In Vedic chronicles stories, when a landing of inhabitants of the lowest planets with the demonic nature are already described came through any forms of life here to be embodied.

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The girl

The girl As already there was a speech earlier, only one fact of the offer of the help to the child influences the girl as manifestation of love, she feels like even more favourite, and the boy can feel simply offended.

The girl always needs the raised dose of love and care that she could trust and rely more on others in the life, and to boys a dose of additional recognition and glory that it could keep motivation to go to lives forward.

What is the time children have to see off with grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, whether relatives have the right for education of children?

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Draw fence. + Connect

Draw fence. + Connect + Get up in front of the mirror.

Squeeze densely lips and tell: The cat sleeps.

Draw fence.

+ Connect points from top to down into the account time!

+ Close eyes.

Listen and repeat: hey, uua, io.

+ And now blindly on consider, how many sounds: hey, Oyo, ui, aua?

+ Lead round springs.

+ Listen and define first sound: hey, news agency, oo; last sound: ai, io, aa; second sound: news agency, aia, io.

Continue f.

Define f, on what place sound and: ua, io, autonomous area, uu; sound at: ua, uu, ao; sound about: io, uo, oh?

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If you try to judge

If you try to judge Retreat Sometimes the best that the parent can make not to make it anything.

If your purpose to train the child, having shown an afterbirth Effective discipline the stviye of his behavior, will be frequent the best lesson, if you OST its Vit to understand most see also Aggressive or on zitivny.

If you try to judge each insignificant dispute between children, you risk to add fuel to the fire.

And still sou the probability to accuse not that child and to appear strides at it in disgrace.

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